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Clients’ Feedback

Eco Taxi offers prompt transportation services in the Southwest Volusia County and surrounding cities of Florida. Learn what people have been saying about us and our services. Read their reviews below.​

Super courteous and on fact early...clean cars and nice drivers! Great value and love the communication... love this company! (386) 202-6000

- Andrew O.

I recently took my family to NYC and used Eco Taxi. On our return travel included cancelled flights and changed pick-up times. Eco Taxi was on top of each change. I am so glad I chose this company. The communication was great. The drivers where professional. The prices were reasonable compared to other companies. It took Eco Taxi to bring the best technology for the industry that is here in Volusia. If you need car service in Volusia Co. this is the company to use. Super courteous and on fact early...clean cars and nice drivers! Great value and love the communication... love this company! Thank you so much Eco Taxi. 

- Eco Taxi Customer

I highly recommend this company. They are very reliable, reasonably priced, great service and great customer service. The driver was prompt, professional and courteous. You will not regret using this company for your services. I did the reservation from New York for my parents who reside in Florida and they were very happy.

- Maria R.

I had not used a taxi service in many years. Having just moved to this community, I did not have experience with any local providers and could not find customer reviews online to help guide my decision.

Eco Taxi has a very descriptive website, and from that I was able to get a feel for the company and how they do business. My first impression was a good one, and the service provided from my initial phone contact to delivery at my destination was flawless and professional.

I soon discovered that my driver was one of the owners of the company, and I learned a great deal more about the Eco Taxi mission and their long-term plans and goals. Everything they do is intended to minimize negative effect upon the environment, and they are dedicated to providing the best in customer service at prices that are significantly lower than those of the competition. And, they're very involved in the community, actively supporting a number of charities.

I wholeheartedly recommend Eco Taxi to anyone who needs transportation.

- Ken D.

Great service. Very nice clean cars. I got picked up at 1 am and felt safe and that's saying a lot considering I was alone and on vacation. The driver picked me up and he was very polite. He genuinely seemed to care about transporting people safe and efficiently rather than ripping people off. Highly recommended.

- Alex T.

Was reasonably priced. Used it round trip to get to the Daytona airport from Deland. Driver was very patient and timely.

- Catherine T.

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