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Could you, would you be interested in Taxi rooftop advertising that's set to revolutionize the outdoor Out-Of-Home advertising market?

Imagine a billboard ad that's triple-sided, and that's constantly at eye level, constantly on the move, constantly the center of interaction, and a major focus of the business and tourism worlds. It is also stunningly different and unique. Intrusive enough and targeted enough to grab a lot of attention. No other media can command as many impressions for the AD Dollar Spend. Over 40% of the Outdoor Ad Budgets in the US and Europe are spent on Transit Advertising with Taxis being the biggest component!

The Outdoor Advertising Association promotes the concept of the 'Third Space'- the time we spend out-of-home and out-of-office. Taxi advertising fills this Third Space perfectly, connecting with consumers whilst they're out and about, and engaging with them during their down-time between activities.

Interior displays two 6"x6" ads per taxi

Compared to television, radio and newspaper, taxi advertising reaches the largest number of people for the lowest cost.

Statistics show mobile taxi advertising is 15X’s more effective per dollar than static billboards.

Your ad will be seen everywhere, at conventions, airports,

hotels, nightclubs, on highways, and city streets, simply put “TAXI ADS WORK!”

For rates and information on advertising on taxis in Jacksonville, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Daytona Beach, Melbourne and the Space Coast, Ft. Pierce and the Treasure Coast, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and throughout Florida and South Georgia call today.  

Why Taxis?

What the experts say....

"Taxi advertising offers superior levels of recall (45%), reaching a local business and tourist audience in route to and from the airport, sporting events, shopping centers and restaurants..."

- The Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

"Taxi advertising has been used by local Law Firms, Movie Production Companies, Retail Food establishments, Shopping Malls, Cell phone companies, AT&t, Apple, Citibank... Don't you think it's about time you considered using Taxis?"

- Stuart Emery, CNN Global Business Outlook

"The Taxicab provides the perfect canvas. Love it or hate it, you can't miss it."

- Gray Chrome, Sting Design, Marmite taxi campaign

"Mobile advertising has a 97% recall rate and boosts name recognition 15 times greater than traditional forms of advertising. Taxi Media delivers one of the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) of all major media."

- Arbitron Outdoor; Product Acceptance & Research

You can provide artwork or we will help you to develop a powerful, effective message, as well as provide sign design and layout.

Displays are illuminated roof top triangle signs offering 360 degree visibility, panel size 14”x44”

Open Placement, choice of 1 or 2 ads per cab, right, left or rear facing

Sedan rear windows size 24”x60” and Van side windows size 24”x85”

Interior displays two 6"x6" ads per taxi

  • We accept all major credit/debit cards.
  • We pay agency rate commissions to recognized ad agencies.