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Making a Difference in the Community


Eco Taxi only uses fuel-efficient cabs, allowing us to drive our clients in and around the city without causing much ecological impact. In addition to our commitment to promoting energy efficiency, we have a couple of programs that aim to help our clients, as well as the environment. Contact us in Florida to learn more about our community-oriented programs.

We have given over 5,000 non-judgmental rides. The DDD Voucher program may be reached toll-free at 833-500-RIDE or by e-mail at [email protected] .

DDD Voucher

“Making a Difference One Ride at a Time,”

About gifting a ride:

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” ― 

Mary Anne Radmacher 

The program exists by gifting a ride and paying it forward. Who gifts a ride? Anyone can! Start with buying a DDD Voucher T-shirt. Why wouldn't you want to be gifting that ride to someone in need? You would be saving lives, preventing distress for families from a DUI, and providing a ride for battered women and children to Domestic Violence Shelters. Let’s not forget about those searching for a ride to rehab or similar centers for substance abuse. It's more than a purpose. It's giving people back their lives!

Designate a driver if you decide to drink or choose an establishment that participates with the DDD Voucher. It's so much more than just a ride!

Getting a ride back to your vehicle the next morning. A incentive if you have had a few too many at your favorite bar/restaurant. That's not the time to get behind the wheel. We can help you get back to your car! With our DDD Voucher Ride Back, if you call Eco Taxi for a taxi cab ride home tonight. In the morning, we'll give you a ride back to the bar/restaurant where you left your car with a $10 discount. You save much more than the $20 per month.

When you call for your taxi, or if the establishment is a participating member the establishment must call. Please make sure you tell our dispatcher that you want a "DDD Voucher Ride Back." We focus energies on the safety of it's patrons and offers patrons a DISCOUNTED RIDE BACK DDD voucher, targeting driving under the influence and decreasing the number of avoidable accidents. Be happy, be merry, be wise!

Awesome program! I donated and gifted a ride by the purchase of some great T-Shirts. It could have saved Amy from taking a ride from a friend that was already intoxicated but, was less drunk than her. So, she decided to take the ride. She died that day from head injuries. SUPPORT 100%

Anonymous - Supporter

Opioids now kill more people than breast cancer

Nadia Kounang - CNN

If a ride is all you need to get help. Own up, live life. Have the courage to stand for change.

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