Making a Difference in the Community

Eco Taxi only uses fuel-efficient cabs, allowing us to drive our clients in and around the city without causing much ecological impact. In addition to our commitment to promoting energy efficiency, we have a couple of programs that aim to help our clients, as well as the environment. Contact us in Florida to learn more about our community-oriented programs.

DDD Voucher 

If you had a few too many drinks at a bar or restaurant, it is best that you leave the driving to us. With our Discounted Ride Back program, we can give you a ride home and then in the morning, drive you back to the establishment where you left your car - with $10 off. That could save much more than the $20 it saves you.

When you book a taxi before going out to party, just be sure you tell our dispatcher that you want a "DDD Voucher for the Ride Back." This offer applies to patrons at any local establishments that serve alcohol such as bars and restaurants. Parties in houses and coffee shops are not included. Our “ DDD Voucher for the Ride Back ” offer is limited to two trips per month within our service area.